YD aims at becoming an excellent company that has continuous growing capacity as a specialized manufacturer of total in vitro diagnostic products.

In order to accomplish this policy effectively, YD must satisfy its customers with the highest quality at reasonable price, while providing prompt and exact service.

In order to satisfy its customers, all members have to do their best to establish, process and maintain comfortable and effectual quality management system, based on ISO 9001 / EN ISO 13485, Directive 98/79/EC(IVDD).

I will provide manpower, materials, method and machinery necessary for the efficient execution of the quality system and will support technical training for all members as well.

It makes sure that I will review and improve the quality system periodically and take the final responsibility for the management and maintenance of the quality system. Also, I will define and review the quality objectives additionally at Conference of Management Review. In addition, I will consider proposals for improvement from all members, and will reflect all appropriate proposals into management of this company.